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thursday workout



200 butt kickers

200 scissors

200 russian twists

100 jumping jacks

100 arm circles

80 pilates inner leg lifts

80 pilates outer leg lifts

50 cross body mountain climbers

50 lower ab leg lifts

50 crunches

20 triceps dips

20 pushups

20 squats

plank 1 minute 

45 second side plank each side

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friday workout


400 butt kickers (holding light weights)

200 scissors

200 russian twists

100 jumping jacks

100 inner leg lifts

100 outer leg lifts

80 lower ab leg lifts

70 cross body mountain climbers

70 calf raises

40 crunches

40 mountain climbers

40 squats

10 pushups

:30 super man

1 minute plank

i love feminine men

I’m about to go on a rant about the beauty of human kind yet again. As a bisexual, I have always found myself first and foremost attracted to women. Let’s face it, women smell good, we’re soft, we’re romantic, we’re good at cuddling and we know what each other likes because we like it ourselves. In my opinion, women are the more attractive sex. I often stare at other women thinking anything from “Wow, your style is so pretty” to “damn…” But men don’t really get my attention as much. Even when I’m single, I’m rarely checking out boys. The ones I do find attractive usually turn out to be gay, (the one thing more frustrating than having a crush on a straight girl, is having a crush on a gay guy). 

I’m currently in a relationship with a hetero male. He’s pretty manly too, he likes video games, physical activity, getting dirty, having sex, eating good food and he’s very protective of me. I wouldn’t trade my relationship with Mike for anything in the world. I told some girls I dance with that Mike is by far the least feminine boy I’ve ever dated (my exes include theatre majors, punk rock band lead singers, and boys who didn’t quite realize/accept they were gay yet) to which a girl responds “But Mike does have very soft features, he’s a beautiful man.” That’s funny, I never thought Mike to be less rugged than other men, and I don’t think that’s what she meant, but he has a less rugged face. He does have a soft face once you look past his flaming red beard and his roaring laugh that commands a room. She’s right though, Mike is a beautiful man. He grew up with two women, his mother and his sister. His mom taught him compassion, loyalty and to be always sweet. His father taught him to be strong, committed and quite frankly, a bad ass. I love Mike and absolutely everything that makes him who he is.  I believe it is his feminine side that made me fall so deeply in love with him like I have never loved any man or woman before.

Everyone has a masculine side and a feminine side. Some people are very androgynous, and others, very typical of their gender. I’ve always been so attracted to androgyny, it’s empowering to me. Maybe it’s because I have three older brothers that  I see myself in such a light. I embrace my masculine. Although I know I’m very girly, I love pink, shopping, getting my nails done and doing my makeup but I also love getting down and dirty. I love physically challenging myself and gaining strength in the process. I am a leader and a strong one at that. 

People like to put themselves into boxes of gender, or sexuality or even political affiliation, I would challenge you to break free of your box and think of things as being more fluid than that. Because when we embrace every part of ourselves without the fear of being labeled or outcasted, we let the most beautiful parts of us shine. 

Afternoon workout

100 jumping jacks
100 butt kickers
90 Russian twists
80 scissors
70 cbmc
60 inner leg lifts
60 outer leg lifts
50 lower ab leg lifts
40 calf raises
30 squats
20 push-ups

morning photoshoot <3

laying next to my boyfriend as he sleeps

and he smells so good i can’t decide if i want to jump on him, marry him, or be a creep and sniff him.

maybe all three, i just don’t know the order yet.

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